Advances in plasma deposition of functional nanocoatings for filtration applications

F. Legein*, S. Loulidi, Europlasma NV, Belgium

Plasma is a unique technology to deposit ultra-thin coatings on all exposed surfaces of a material or product. It is increasingly used in manufacturing of filtration media and elements to achieve functionalities such as hydrophilic, hydrophobic or oleophobic. Improvements in process and machine design allow to deposit the coatings in a very cost effective way, with a process that is completely dry and clean. The technology is giving an increasing number of producers of technical nonwovens, membranes, mesh or nanofibers a clear competitive edge. The presentation will discuss advances in some of the main plasma nanocoating applications adopted on industrial scale in recent years.

The presentation will start with a short introduction of plasma technology.

Then it will review industrial concepts for both batch and roll-to-roll treatment. It will also compare industrial equipment for atmospheric and low pressure plasma deposition. An overview will be given of typical coating chemistries used for such coatings.

Subsequently advances will be discussed using real industrial case studies. One case study will discuss the use of hydrophilic nanocoatings for culture growth media. Another case study will review the use of similar nanocoatings for blood filter media. One of the key areas of interest is the oleophobic coating of nonwoven HEPA filter media. Advances in process chemistry allow to deposit coatings which enhance the filter efficiency while maintaining the pressure drop, helping in further reduction of the ecological footprint.

Also advances in durable water repellent coating of membranes for use in sporting and outdoor jackets will be discussed. Last but not least the presentation will give insight on the industrial application of atmospheric plasma for coating of release liners. The presentation will conclude with an overview of the environmental benefits of plasma technology. Its potential for wider industrial spread will be demonstrated with cost analysis of a real industrial case.

Session: F1 - Enhancement of Filter Media by Surface Treatment
Day: 22 October 2019
Time: 13:00 - 14:15 h

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