Sinterflo® FMC (fibre metal composite) – Development and application

B. Allbutt*, Porvair Filtration Group Ltd, UK; A. Goux*, Bekaert Fiber Technologies, Belgium

Sinterflo® FMC is a true composite material that combines the benefits of both sintered metal fibre and precision woven mesh, thus maximising filtration performance. The FMC structure with integrated Bekipor® technology is composed of random fibre webs and woven mesh structures that are sintered to form a homogenous yet multiple layered structure, designed to deliver performance, strength and practicality in cleaning.

Controlling the thickness of the fine fibre at the flow inlet face ensures the permeability is maximised whilst providing a surface capable of rapid filter cake development. The asymmetric pore structure provided by this material is critical to the development of the filter cake and the in-situ ability to clean through pulsejet operation. A coarse fibre structure embedded within the composite promotes a high integrity sintered interface along with a more open structure to provide flow distribution in operational flow direction and diffusion in the reverse direction when cleaning.

The woven mesh structure provides integral support for the filter element, as well as coarse fibre structure evident on the clean/downstream side of the filter media to further enhance the flow distribution and diffusion of the pulsejet flow for the cleaning of the filter media. This structure provides higher...

Session: F07 - Advanced Composite Fiber Materials
Day: 23 October 2019
Time: 13:00 - 14:15 h

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