Augmented filter media development by virtual prototype optimization

T. Gose*, A. Kilian, H. Banzhaf, F. Keller, R. Bernewitz , MANN+HUMMEL GmbH, Germany

In transportation, the future of drivetrains is one of the prevailing topics these days1. As the evolution of internal combustion engine technology has been requiring continuous optimization of oil filtration technology and oil filter media, bridging technologies like hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) and modern drivetrain concepts will generate new, equal challenging, requirements. While development cycles are getting shorter and time-to-market is a key, augmenting conventional filter media development with sophisticated computational methods is of great potential to address current and future needs.

Over the past decade, computer simulation of the loading kinetics at the microscale level has evolved into a powerful tool for the development of future generations of filter media2. This becomes increasingly essential to achieve the desired filtration performance, to improve energy consumption and to detect cost savings. The valuable insight offered by virtual filter media development provides details of the filter media design and the filtration performance and enables the development of innovative virtual filter media prototypes.

In this presentation an overview of present demands and future drivetrain concept requirements’ towards oil filtration media is given. At hand of a recent use case for a synthetic filter media, we demonstrate the state of the art procedure of virtual filter media development at MANN+HUMMEL. Starting from a reference material structure based on micro-computed tomography, we show the derivation and validation of a virtual fiber model, which in turn is computationally investigated, optimized and resulted in a noticeably increased filtration performance. Hidden potentials are revealed and we are able to identify optimized virtual filter media design concepts for specific objectives, such as filter lifetime enhancements or cost savings. Finally, we will discuss the transfer of virtual prototypes to material samples and eventually the industrialization into filtration products.

Session: F3 - Advanced Filter Media Developments and Manufacturing Methods
Day: 22 October 2019
Time: 16:45 - 18:00 h

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