smartMELAMINE® - The first melamine meltblown nonwoven

C. Löning*, smartMELAMINE d.o.o., Slovenia

smartMELAMINE® belongs to the class of high-performance materials, it does not burn, does not shrink and does not melt, remains stable even at higher temperatures and is UV-resistant. smartMELAMINE® is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator and is also well suited for filtration due to the fine fibers and its chemical resistance.

smartMELAMINE® nonwoven is available also with very fine fibers, at around 1 - 2µm fiber diameter or even below, reaching filter classes up to F9.

Aramid type filters and other traditional filters in hot-gas filtration generally have much coarser fibers compared to smartMELAMINE®. With the addition of a smartMELAMINE® filter efficiency increased up to 10x.

smartMELAMINE® nonwoven can also be cut into short-cut fibers, which can then be quite easily dispersed in water and used in a wet laid process for the production of paper like filters. Due to its high temperature and chemical resistance it can be an adequate synthetic substitute to glass fibers.

There are different potential applications in the fields of thermal and acoustic insulation or filtration for the use in: automobiles, trains, buses, trucks and aircrafts; protective workwear; filtration; construction and various industrial applications.

Session: F12 - Advanced Filter Media for Gas Filtration
Day: 24 October 2019
Time: 14:45 - 16:00 h

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