A methodology for estimating water droplet sizes and predicting filter performance in diesel fuel and lube oil applications

M.F. Alzoubi*, John Crane Inc., USA; E. Barega, T. van der Linde, INDUFIL BV INDUFIL BV part of John Crane Inc, Netherlands

A presence of even a slight amount of water in diesel fuel or in lube oil applications is considered one of the major hurdles to customers for maintaining high performance and long life expectancy for diesel engines and machineries. Predicting and quantifying water droplet size distribution in-diesel and in-lube oil mixtures has an essential and critical role on affecting filtration efficiency. In order to achieve high performance for diesel engines and lube oil applications, it is critical for filter suppliers and designers to be familiar with the water particle size distribution that is needed to select a proper filter elements.

Furthermore, ensuring high and an effective filtration performance and aiming for energy savings is another imperative element to consider when designing liquid-liquid filters. This paper presents a modelling approach for predicting water droplet sizes generated in an emulsion of water-in-diesel in horizontal pipe, in an orifice and in pumping flow applications using an empirical model such as Brauner's equation and a thermo-physical property software...

Session: L19 - Liquid/Liquid Separation
Day: 24 October 2019
Time: 14:45 - 16:00 h

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