Best practice for liquid-liquid separation with cartridge coalescers

C. Rodewald*, D. Steinberger, PALL GmbH, Germany

The validation of a coalescer system for liquid/liquid separation and the proper use of this technology to improve the chemical processes can play an important role for a sustainable improvement in the production.

A new coalescer media on its own is not the sole solution for a well working separation process. It is a streamlined service concept starting from the definition of the task with the plant until the installed unit, which allows the operator to get the highest benefit for process reliability and performance.

This presentation will explain the typical workflow to validate and to implement the liquid/liquid cartridge coalescer technology; from the qualification of the application up to sizing and design of the housings including the calculation of the cost benefit to the plant.

The liquid/ liquid cartridge coalescer technology is applicable to a variety of applications. The presentation will illustrate the benefits, through different case studies, such as debottlenecking of the distillation columns, reducing of the footprint of settlers, increasing the productivity by reactor draining, extending the life of the chemical and absorption treatment systems...

Session: L19 - Liquid/Liquid Separation
Day: 24 October 2019
Time: 14:45 - 16:00 h

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