FILOS – Module I: The novel software for the reliable analysis of filtration test data and suspension characterization including washing and deliquoring of filter cakes

I. Nicolaou*, NIKIFOS Ltd, Cyprus

For people dealing with the cake forming filtration of suspensions it is of great importance to minimize the number of experiments, which are needed for the reliable characterization of the suspension behavior with regard to the cake formation and the optional steps of cake washing and cake deliquoring. The optimization of the filtration tests requires the consideration of theory based and praxis oriented mathematical models. Such a theory based approach, is not only a guide for a systematic experimental procedure with minimal number of experiments, but a necessity for the judgment of the quality of the tests, for data correction, and for the reliable determination of all necessary material parameters as precondition for reliable design and prediction of the filter performance for various filter setting parameters.

In this presentation, the physically and experiment based (half-empirical) mathematical models for cake formation, cake washing and cake deliquoring (via gas pressure difference and via cake squeezing) will be discussed. The efficiency model parameters (cake porosity, cake permeability and compressibility, filter medium resistance, cake washing and cake deliquoring efficiency) as well as the necessary minimal number of systematic experiments needed for the determination of the efficiency parameters, will be presented...

Session: L5 - Cake Filtration - Characterization, Modelling, Scale-up
Day: 23 October 2019
Time: 09:00 - 10:15 h

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