FILOS – Module II: The novel software for the reliable selection, performance prediction and optimization of filters for the cake forming filtration of suspensions

I. Nicolaou*, NIKIFOS Ltd, Cyprus

The operation of Filters like Nutsche Filters, Filter Presses, Filter Press Automats, Belt, Drum, Disc and Pan Filters, Candle and Pressure Leaf filters involves cake forming filtration of suspension with the optional steps of cake deliquoring and cake washing.

There is a great need for a user-friendly software for the reliable selection of the proper filter for a given suspension and a reliable performance prediction of the selected filter for different setting parameters and under consideration of changes of the suspension behavior. This task can only be accomplished, if the software uses physically based and practice oriented mathematical models, which include parameters with a physical meaning and not depending on the filter settings (so called material specific parameters).

FILOS is a commercially available, user friendly and worldwide unique software, which not only analyzes filtration tests and reliably determines the necessary model parameters by the use of physically based mathematical models but also uses these equations together with the determined efficiency parameters (see FILOS – Module I) for the calculation of the performance of all above mentioned filter apparatuses for different material, filter geometric and filter setting parameters. This enables, among others, the comparison of the performance of different filters for a given suspension, or the performance comparison of a definite filter and different suspensions. That makes it possible to select the proper filter and determine the optimal settings of the selected filter depending on the material parameters of the given suspension.

Based on a practical example the FILOS Filter Calculation module will be presented...

Session: L5 - Cake Filtration - Characterization, Modelling, Scale-up
Day: 23 October 2019
Time: 09:00 - 10:15 h

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