CENTRISTAR - A novel software for filter centrifuges

I. Nicolaou*, NIKIFOS Ltd, Cyprus

The reliable selection, performance calculation and optimization of Filter Centrifuges is a big filtration challenge due to the complex phenomenology and requires praxis oriented, physical based and reliable mathematical models for all steps: formation, washing and deliquoring of the filter cake. Such mathematical models should contain only suspension and cake specific parameters, which should be determined by a theory based analysis of test data. The test data should consider in most of the cases not only laboratory experiments (by using a filter nutsche or a bucket centrifuge) but at least one pilot test should be carried out, in order to minimize the scale-up error.

By not considering a physically based and praxis oriented theory for the steps cake formation, cake washing and cake deliquoring, filtration tests are carried out unsystematically. Such approach is usually too time consuming and uneconomical. Besides that, such a purely empirical approach does not give the possibility to judge and correct the test results with the consequence, that the scale-up often leads to an unreliable performance calculation of industrial centrifuges. Furthermore, performance predictions for different settings and/or changes of the suspension properties cannot be reliably predicted.

In this paper a novel theory, which is used for the planning of the filtration tests and the analysis of the experimental results as well as for the calculation of the performance of Industrial Centrifuges will be presented...

Session: L11 - Centrifugal Cake Filtration
Day: 23 October 2019
Time: 16:45 - 18:00 h

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