The effect of particle sedimentation on the performance of pressure filters

I.S. Fragkopoulos, F.L. Muller, University of Leeds; N.A. Mitchell, G. Jimeno*, Process Systems Enterprise (PSE) Ltd.; C.S. MacLeod, AstraZeneca; S. Mathew, Pfizer, UK

Pressure cake filtration is commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry for the separation of solids from the crystallisation slurry. The pressure applied has a huge impact on the particles within a cake and in turn affects the resistance of the liquid flowing through the cake. This can cause the cake to compress and clog the filter medium, both of which slow down the filtration process. Although pressure can be increased to maintain a sufficient rate of filtration, this would cause the cake to further compress and/or lead to particle breakage. The filtration performance cannot currently be predicted accurately. Process scale-up is based on extensive experimentation, but scale-up surprises still occur between drug discovery and manufacturing. The main focus of this work was the development of a detailed filtration mechanistic model that takes experimental data and estimates filtration process parameters, so as to enable the prediction and control of the pressure filter performance at scale...

Session: L5 - Cake Filtration - Characterization, Modelling, Scale-up
Day: 23 October 2019
Time: 09:00 - 10:15 h

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