A flexible approach for meso-scale filtration modelling based on open-source CFD

U. Heck*, M. Becker, DHCAE Tools GmbH, Germany

Modelling of flow problems by computational fluid dynamics became more and more state of the art in many applications. Starting with automotive and aerospace applications in the early 80s, CFD prove itself meanwhile as an indispensable tool in nearly every sector with typical fluid flow challenges such as plant engineering, medical product development, environment analysis or HVAC.

The general advantage of CFD is that the base solution methods are general and can be applied to a wide range of flow problems. However, in certain applications additional closure assumptions based on experimental data need to be integrated into the code to cover specific effects. These effects very often happen at smaller time or geometry scales which cannot be resolved in all details and within the same model. Filtration applications represent a typical multi-scale problem: the geometric dimensions of the filters are in the range of millimetres to metres, while the relevant physical effects considering the particle and fibre interactions take place in the micrometre length scale.

Overall, the requirements of a filter modelling can be widely spread: In some situations, it might be sufficient to estimate an initial loading or initial deposition profile of particles in the filter media without considering the increasing resistance. In other cases, it might be important to consider the filter cake build up and local resistance increment during the filtration process.

The Open-Source CFD toolbox OpenFOAM has been designed to extend the common CFD models for specific needs. DHCAE Tools develops a flexible filter modelling system to cover a wide range of filter applications on a meso-scale. The target is to investigate flow behaviour ahead of the filter media in combination with local effects at the filter, e.g. increasing local resistance and cake generation effects...

Session: L15 - Depth Filtration and Adsorption - Modelling and Simulation
Day: 24 October 2019
Time: 10:45 - 12:00 h

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