Production and characterization of filter media obtained by electrospinning for applications in air filtration

D.P.F. Bonfim, V.G. Guerra, M.L. Aguiar*, Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil

Filtration process using fibrous filter media is widely used for the removal of particulate material from a stream of air because these have simplicity of use, low cost and can achieve high collection efficiency, however, the study is scarce when referring to filtration of nanoparticles. Moreover, the emergence of new materials with excellent chemical properties further favored the development of filtration technology, combined with the progress of the field of materials science and technology. New filter media producing technologies have emerged to achieve high particles collection efficiencies with low pressure drop as filters with nanofibers. The electrospinning process is the most used for the production of nanofibers and is distinguished from the other production processes by the versatility of processing different polymers, ability to control diameter, morphology, orientation and fiber structure. This method use electrostatic force to obtain fibers with high contact surface compared with those produced by other methods. One of the challenges to produce these filter media is the adjustment and control of several parameters which has influence on nanofiber production such as: polymer concentration, solvent ratio, collection time, tip to collector distance and the applied voltage. The polymer used was polyethylene terephthalate from post-consumer PET bottles in different solvent systems and concentrations. Such polymer has been outstanding owing to its mechanical properties favorable to the filtration tests since it guarantees adequate resistance for use in diverse applications, for both micro and nanofiltration. After the production of fibrous filter media, they were physically characterized (permeability, porosity, fiber diameter distribution), and the collection efficiencies..

Session: G9 - Short Oral Presentations
Day: 23 October 2019
Time: 14:45 - 16:00 h

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