Energy reducing polymeric filtration mesh

J. Ferrer, J. Kirk*, J. Kidwell,, SWM International, USA

In many liquid filtration systems a reduction in cross flow resistance will lead to a reduction in the energy consumption of that system.

The ASD (Alternating Strand Design) technology by SWM is an innovative polymeric mesh that has been developed with this energy reduction in mind. By alternating the diameter of every other strand of the mesh, ASD technology can deliver up to 15% reduction in pressure drop compared to conventional polymeric mesh.

Simply lowering strand count can reduce the energy consumption of a conventional filtration mesh; however, the number of Strand Intersection Points (SIP) per unit area of the mesh is reduced. This compromises the dimensional stability of the filtration mesh. Reduction in dimensional stability can cause material handling difficulties during the manufacturing of the filter as well as performance issues during operation. Instead of reducing the strand count and SIP, ASD technology maintains strand count and SIP but reduces the diameter of every alternate strand. This results in a filtration mesh structure that consumes less cross-flow energy yet maintains the dimensional stability.

Designed & developed using CAD, CFD and 3D printing

Initial design work was done using 3D CAD and Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modeling to determine the optimum size and shape of the large and small strands. The size of the smaller strand was optimized with CFD to offer maximum energy reduction yet still maintain dimensional integrity. Once the final design had been established, a 4x6 inch 3D printed prototype of the mesh was produced using energy-cure jet printing technology. The jet printing method was chosen due to the fine structure of the mesh geometry.

The prototype mesh was then tested in a benchtop cross-flow tester to evaluate the improvement in pressure drop (energy consumption) compared to the conventional mesh. We were able to demonstrate a 15% improvement (decrease) in pressure drop for the ASD technology...

Session: F2 - Progress in Wire Mesh Development
Day: 22 October 2019
Time: 14:45 - 16:00 h

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