Energy efficient media solution for eurovent A+ rated filters

C. Desquilles*, P. Blanckaert, Lydall Performance Materials SAS, France; R. Bharadwaj, Lydall Performance Materials, USA

Eurovent energy rating RS4/C/001-2019 has been updated beginning of 2019. It is not based anymore on efficiency measured according EN779, it is linked to efficiency measured according ISO 16890.

Lydall Performance Materials developed a range of fiber glass media with improved pressure drop. The complete range of grades (from efficiency ePM2,5 50% to ISO ePM1 80%) has been tested flat sheet. In parallel V bank filters have been produced with the complete range of HD products. Efficiencies according ISO 16890 of the filters have been tested and compared to the efficiencies of media flat sheet.

Filters have been tested according Eurovent RS4/C/001-2019 for their energy rating.

The LydAir® MG fiberglass media in our portfolio (HD range) will allow the filter manufacturer to obtain the desired ePMx efficiency on the complete filter element at the lowest pressure drop. This low initial pressure drop and the optimized increase of pressure drop during the dust loading with ISO fine dust is consequently giving performant energy rating of the filters when measured according Eurovent RS4/C/001-2019...

Session: G1 - Air Filtration
Day: 22 October 2019
Time: 13:00 - 14:15 h

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