Multipore™: The state-of-the-art wire mesh

S. Vandendijk*, Parker Hannifin Purolator, Belgium

With the applications in gas filtration, lubrication applications and industrial process filtration, the wire mesh is treated as a versatile product with wide range of allowable specifications. Usually, the wire mesh filters are characterised by the mesh material, pore count and wire diameter for a given application. Multipore™ media from Purolator-Parker has a Dutch weave wire arrangement

where the opening between the successive chute wires is smaller than the opening of the “filtration triangle”. Figure 1 shows the details of the wire arrangement of Multipore™.

The major accomplishments of Multipore™ can be summarized as following:

  1. Higher porosity of the mesh ensures a longer life time
  2. Higher shearing to break gels offers better quality
  3. Until 2017, the filtration grade was between 15-90 μm, which is now improved to 7-100 μm
  4. Sharp cut-off efficiency

Session: F2 - Progress in Wire Mesh Development
Day: 22 October 2019
Time: 14:45 - 16:00 h

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