Understanding the role of cake structure in the filtration of needle-like crystals in the pharmaceutical industry

G. Perini*, C. AvendaƱo, T. Vetter, University of Manchester; W. Hicks, A.R. Parsons, AstraZeneca, UK

The filtration time in the pharmaceutical industry can be critical for the feasibility of a process [1].In this field, filtration is used to recover crystals of active pharmaceutical ingredients or intermediates resulting from purification processes [2]. The time required by this step is heavily influenced by the size and the shape of the crystals being filtered, which is a result of the nature of the compound and the way the particles are generated [3,4]. Crystals often have non-equant morphologies and even though there is considerable knowledge on how to predict and control the final shape and size they will have, there is no direct way to forecast how they will filter. The size and shape of the particles are important for filterability because they influence the way particles pack, therefore the internal structure of the filter cake. This, in the end, determines the cake resistance, and hence the filtration time.

Being able to predict how populations of particles with different sizes and shapes will behave during filtration would enable us to find the optimal crystallization conditions that require the minimum combined processing time. It would improve and speed up process development allowing new drugs to get to the market sooner...

Session: L3 - Cake Filtration - Influences on the Cake Structure
Day: 22 October 2019
Time: 16:45 - 18:00 h

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