Evaluation of process strategies to homogenize the lautering filter cake structure and enhance wort production

P. M. Bandelt Riess*, M. Kuhn, H. Briesen, P. Först, Technical University of Munich, Germany

Lautering is a traditional, widely used solid-liquid separation method in the brewing process and it is often considered as the bottleneck of the brewhouse. After obtaining the wort, the remaining spent grain filter cake exhibits high compressibility and a very inhomogeneous, layered structure. These layers show similar permeabilities, with the exception of the top one, the Oberteig, which can become an obstacle for the wort flow and a delay in production time. Therefore, measures to accelerate this operation are desired. It is proposed that homogenizing the filter cake structure accelerates the process.

To assess the hypothesis, different process engineering strategies were tested and evaluated in a laboratory-scale lauter tun: increase of the solids concentration in the suspension, flocculation of the fine particle fraction, and usage of packed beds as filter aids. The results were compared to a standard lautering procedure based on filtration duration, filtrate turbidity, and extract content...

....findings might directly help breweries to improve their lautering processes, optimize production in the brewhouse, and foster further research on the topic.

Session: L3 - Cake Filtration - Influences on the Cake Structure
Day: 22 October 2019
Time: 16:45 - 18:00 h

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