Investigation of the Filtration Kinetics of Depth Filter considering Tomographic Data

K. Hoppe*, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences; L. Wischemann, G. Schaldach, R. Zielke, W. Tillmann, M. Thommes, D. Pieloth, Dortmund University; D. Renschen, DMT GmbH &Co.KG, Germany

Fibrous depth filters are frequently used in various civil and industrial applications. The loading behavior of fibrous filters determines the evolution of pressure drop and filtration efficiency during their service time. The pressure drop limits the service time and determines the energy costs of the filtration system. For a sustainable and efficient filtration process, knowledge about the loading behavior inside the material is evident. It is well known that the structure of the filter media highly determines the loading behavior and offers the potential for optimizations.

In this work, a calculation method for the filtration kinetics of fibrous depth filters based on tomographic structural data is presented...

Session: G8 - Short Oral Presentations
Day: 23 October 2019
Time: 14:45 - 16:00 h

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