Microsand cross flow filtration in cooling towers water circuit – a sustainable approach for hvac systems

S. Roel Backes*, Evoqua Water Technologies GmbH, Germany

Acclimatization of buildings play a vital role on the expected comfort of the population and HVAC system guarantees the temperature control. With the purpose of saving energy, many HVAC systems are coupled to cooling towers, considered one of the most cost-effective cooling technologies for commercial air conditioning and industrial processes by allowing heat laden water to flow into the cooling tower through different panels exposing the heated water to air. Nines & Leed indicates in their essay sustainable operation of HVAC that “cooling towers are a common and critical component to most commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities and can represent up to 30 percent of a building's overall energy budget, and 50 percent of the water usage”:

And where does filtration come in this picture?

Removal of suspended solids and other contaminants contribute dramatically to the requirements of periodically adding of fresh water to the system “blowdown” because filtration reduces the concentration of pollutants. Eneref Institute published a report end 2018 examine the benefits of cross-flow microsand filtration based on own research, which found the technology to be a reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly means of eliminating submicron particulate in HVAC cooling tower and process cooling applications. According to the Eneref Institute cross-flow microsand filtration (CMF), is used to capture microscopic and even submicron particles. Traditional deep-bed multimedia, or sand, filters typically capture particles of 20 microns and above. While MMF can remove up to 90% of contaminant particles by weight, they leave unchecked all fine particles—the particulates that are most responsible for the fouling that supports Legionella and system inefficiency (95 % of particulates are less than 5 microns....

...A better understanding of water filtration systems will help building operators reduce the quantity of toxic chemicals discharged into the environment, increase both energy and water efficiency, and limit the growth opportunity for pathogens....

Session: M6 - Short Oral Presentations
Day: 23 October 2019
Time: 14:45 - 16:00 h

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