Experimental assessment of deposition of synthetic fibrous dust within the ductwork of residential ventilation systems

N. Alessandria, S. Sedlar, G. Mauschitz, T. Laminger*, Technical University of Vienna; A. Svec, Fa. Adalbert Svec, Germany

New residential units are typically equipped with controlled room ventilation systems with heat recovery to ensure a reliable and controlled air exchange. With dust deposited within pipes, outlets, bends, reductions and filters, the rise in power demand causes higher operating costs. Furthermore, deposed dust layers can be a breeding ground for germs, fungi or other pollutants. Therefore, such systems require regular maintenance, best of all by professionals who carry out special hygiene inspections and cleanings. To minimize dust deposition within the ductwork, operation costs and additional hygienic problems, for example simulation tools and practical guidelines are absolutely essential.

Predictive models for dust deposits in pipes and fittings for room ventilation systems still are insufficient for complex dusts consisting of fibers and particulate materials. The aim of this project is therefore to assess residential ventilation systems regarding the dust deposits of various pipe fittings under controlled conditions....

Session: G9 - Short Oral Presentations
Day: 23 October 2019
Time: 14:45 - 16:00 h

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