The effect of seeding and particle properties on the cake filtration characteristics

S. S. Haramkar*, B. N. Thorat, S.V. Jadhav, Institute of Chemical Technology Mumbai, India

The experimental study was carried out to measure the effect of seeding on particle properties which influences the cake filtration characteristics. Experiments without Ca(OH)2 seeding in phosphogypsum at 0.5 bar pressure showed that, particle size distribution of phosphogypsum gives wider distribution, which implies very high specific cake resistance, α = 1×1010 m kg-1 and capillary number (Nc) = 7.1×10-4. Also, experiments of seeding with Ca(OH)2 of different proportion like 10 gm, 20 gm, 25 gm and 30 gm in phosphogypsum were carried out and it was found that the specific cake resistance decreases with increase in seeding till 20 gm and it increases in the case of 25 gm and 30 gm. This trend was observed due to arrangement of particle size distribution. It was found that...

Session: L20 - Enhancement of backwashing and cake filtration performance
Day: 24 October 2019
Time: 14:45 - 16:00 h

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