Metal porous filter development using additive manufacturing

N. Burns*, D. Travis, L. Geekie, A. Molyneux, Croft Additive Manufacturing Ltd; M. Burns, Croft Filters Ltd, UK

Metal foam and porous metal filters are formed using different manufacturing processes and are permeable for gaseous and liquid media. Industrial metal foams have a high strength and low weight with a large internal surface area and good thermal conductivity and are utilised by heat and automotive industries. Metal foams have a wide range of porosity and pore sizes.

Porous metal material formed from base metal and salt process can have a close range of pore sizes. Sintered metal porous filters are formed from metal spheres, usually of similar size, and fused together, which form regular interstitial spaces and thus have a regular ‘pore size and porosity.

Selective Laser Melting (SLM) Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology manufactures components layer by layer which delivers design freedom to produce complex geometry components. Another level of complexity that can be achieved in powder bed fusion AM systems is that of variable porosity. SLM AM utilises metallic powder of different sizes which are melted by the laser. By controlling the laser settings SLM AM can produce components with different levels of porosity.

In this study we have investigated the viability for AM technology to produce depth filters that have different aperture sizes through increasing and decreasing porosity in the filter in a metal foam format and a porous metal format...

Session: L8 - Short Oral Presentations
Day: 23 October 2019
Time: 14:45 - 16:00 h

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