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ZFT Founded in 1990, has now developed into a large-scale environmental-friendly technology company, with a solid foundation in the making of purification materials and two main specialties in air and water products.ZFT focus on filtration, separation, materials, product development, manufacturing and engineering applications. Our products have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions in Europe, America and Asia Pacific. ZFT has been committed to the research and development of high-tech products, a total of 105 patent applications, 66 patents granted. ZFT adheres to the business philosophy that "market originates from honesty, quality decides survival, products reveal technologies, thoughts create future". In the domestic industry, the company took the lead and has obtained ISO9001 Quality system, ISO14001 system and OHSAS18001 system certification, and is constantly improving the ability to solve problems and enhance our value. We have 120,000 square meters of factory buildings, more than 100 research and development force to support customers.

Products / Markets

Product Index

  • Beutel-/Taschenfilter
  • Filterbeutel
  • Filtermedien
  • Glasfasermedien
  • Hepa-Filter
  • Kabinenfilter
  • Kohlefilter
  • Luftfilter
  • Luftfiltermedien
  • Vakuumfilter

Market Scope

  • Agrarwirtschaft
  • Automobilindustrie
  • Biotechnologie/Biopharmazie
  • Chemische Industrie
  • Filtrations- und Separationsindustrie
  • Umweltschutz

Product Index

  • Air Filter Media
  • Air Filters
  • Bag Filters
  • Cabin Air Filters
  • Carbon Filters
  • Filter Bags
  • Filter Media
  • Glass Fibre Media
  • HEPA Filters
  • Vacuum Filters

Market Scope

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive Industry
  • Biotechnology/Biopharmac. Industry
  • Chemical Industries
  • Environmental Protection
  • Filtration and Separation Industry

Product Index

  • 汽车空调过滤器
  • 活性碳过滤器
  • 玻璃纤维介质
  • 真空过滤器
  • 空气过滤器
  • 空气过滤器介质
  • 袋式过滤器
  • 过滤介质
  • 过滤袋
  • 高效粒子空气过滤器

Market Scope

  •  农业
  •  汽车工业
  • 化学工业
  • 环境保护
  • 生物技术/生物制药业
  • 过滤与分离工业

Product Index

  • "فلاتر هواء عالية الفاعلية ""هـيبا"" HEPA"
  • أكياس فلاتر
  • أكياس فلترة
  • فلاتر المقصورات والحُجرات
  • فلاتر الهواء
  • فلاتر شفط
  • فلاتر كربونية
  • مواد الصوف الزجاجي
  • مواد فلاتر الهواء
  • مواد فلترة

Market Scope

  • الصناعة الكيماوية
  • الهندسة المعمارية
  • صناعات الفلترة وفصل المواد
  • صناعة الألبان
  • صناعة التقنية البيولوجية والبيوصيدلية
  • صناعة السيارات

Product Index

  • Filtres HEPA
  • Filtres à air
  • Filtres à air de cabines
  • Filtres à carbone
  • Filtres à sacs
  • Filtres à vide
  • Fluides pour filtres à air
  • Médias de filtre
  • Médias en fibres de verre
  • Sacs de filtres

Market Scope

  • Agriculture
  • Industrie automobile
  • Industrie biotechnologie/biopharmaceutique
  • Industrie chimique
  • Industrie de filtration et de séparation
  • Industrie laitière

Product Index

  • Filtri a tasche
  • Filtri a vuoto
  • Filtri aria
  • Filtri aria abitacolo
  • Filtri carbone
  • Filtri hepa
  • Mezzi filtranti
  • Mezzi filtranti aria
  • Mezzi in fibra di vetro
  • Tasche filtri

Market Scope

  • Agricoltura
  • Biotecnologie/biofarmaceutica
  • Protezione ambientale
  • Settore automobilistico
  • Settore chimico
  • Settore filtrazione e separazione

Product Index

  • Filtry HEPA
  • Filtry powietrza
  • Filtry próżniowe
  • Filtry workowe
  • Filtry węglowe
  • Kabinowe filtry powietrza
  • Media filtrów
  • Media filtrów powietrza
  • Media włókna szklanego
  • Worki filtracyjne

Market Scope

  • Biotechnologia/biofarmaceutyka
  • Filtrowanie i separacja
  • Ochrona środowiska
  • Przemysł chemiczny
  • Przemysł samochodowy
  • Rolnictwo

Product Index

  • Filtros absolutos (HEPA)
  • Filtros de ar
  • Filtros de ar para cabines
  • Filtros de carvão
  • Filtros de saco
  • Filtros de vácuo
  • Meios de fibra de vidro
  • Meios de filtragem
  • Meios de filtro do ar
  • Sacos filtrantes

Market Scope

  • Agricultura
  • Ind. de biotecnologia/biofarmac.
  • Indústria automóvel
  • Indústria de filtragem e separação
  • Indústria leiteira
  • Indústrias químicas

Product Index

  • Вакуумные фильтры
  • Воздушные фильтры
  • Рабочий элемент стекловолоконного фильтра
  • Рукавные фильтры
  • Угольные фильтры
  • Фильтровальные мешки
  • Фильтрующий материал
  • Фильтрующий материал
  • Фильтры воздуха в кабине
  • Фильтры тонкой очистки

Market Scope

  • Автомобильная промышленность
  • Биотехнология / Биофармацевтическая промышленность
  • Молочная промышленность
  • Отрасль фильтрации и сепарирования
  • Сельское хозяйство
  • Химическая промышленность

Product Index

  • Bolsas de filtro
  • Filtros HEPA
  • Filtros de aire
  • Filtros de aire de cabina
  • Filtros de bolsa
  • Filtros de carbón
  • Filtros de vacío
  • Medios de fibra de vidrio
  • Medios de filtro
  • Medios de filtros de aire

Market Scope

  • Agricultura
  • Industria de la automoción
  • Industria de la biotecnología/biofarmacéutica
  • Industria de la filtración y la separación
  • Industria de los productos lácteos
  • Industrias químicas

Product Index

  • Cam Elyaf Ortam
  • Filtre Ortamı
  • Filtre Torbaları
  • HEPA Filtreler
  • Hava Filtreleri
  • Hava Filtresi Ortamı
  • Kabin Hava Filtreleri
  • Karbon Filtreler
  • Torba Filtreler
  • Vakum Filtreler

Market Scope

  • Biyoteknoloji/Biyoeczacılık Endüstrisi
  • Filtrasyon ve Ayırma Endüstrisi
  • Kimya Endüstrisi
  • Otomotiv Endüstrisi
  • Tarım
  • Çevre Koruma

Product Index

  • HEPA 필터
  • 공기 여과재
  • 공기 필터
  • 백 필터
  • 여과재
  • 유리 섬유 매체
  • 진공 필터
  • 캐빈 에어 필터
  • 탄소 필터
  • 필터 백

Market Scope

  • 농업
  • 생명공학/생물 약제학 산업
  • 여과 및 분리 산업
  • 자동차 산업
  • 화학 산업
  • 환경 보호

Product Index

  • HEPAフィルター
  • エアフィルター
  • エアフィルターメディア
  • ガラス繊維メディア
  • キャビン用エアフィルター
  • バッグフィルター
  • フィルターバッグ
  • フィルターメディア
  • 活性炭フィルター
  • 真空フィルター

Market Scope

  • バイオテクノロジー・バイオ医薬品産業
  • 化学工業
  • 濾過および分離技術工業
  • 環境保護
  • 自動車産業
  • 農業

Press release

Vacuum cleaner accessories / PTFE Porous Membrane Filter Media / Glass Fiber Paper Filter Media / Air FIlter

Vacuum cleaner accessories

ZFT build our own research team and own research center. We own sixty seven patents and two design patents. Our factory are certificated by ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001

Hi PTFE Porous Membrane Filter Media

ePTFE membrane material is produced by the stretching technology to obtain PTFE porous membrane with high porosity,small and uniform pore diameter for special air filtration requirements.

PTFE Membrane & Glass Fiber Paper Filter Media

Glass microfiber filter media are comprised primarily of glass microfibers and are produced with a wet laid process similar to that used for the production of paper.

We can offer:

  • From ASHRAE grades(F6~F9), HEPA grades(H10~H14).
  • Exceptional dust holding performance.
  • Highest available efficiency at a minimal resistance.
  • Available in laminated form.
  • SGS & ROHS approved.

Air Filter - Pre-Filter

Filtration of large particles in air conditioning purification systems and ventilation systems to protect high efficiency filters or fans in the downstream

Air Filter - Pocket-Filter

Intermediate filtration of air purification systems and places with high dust concentration

Air Filter - Compact Filter

Polypropylene synthetic fiber and glass fiber filter as filter material, hot melt adhesive and thread as the separator, outer frame used plastic or galvanized frame.

Low resistance, high air volume, large filtration area, high rated air volume, long service life, but low dust holding capacity.

Air Filter - Carbon Filter

According to different application, different activated carbon materials can be selected, and the outer frame can be made of waterproof cardboard, galvanized iron frame or aluminum frame and stainless steel.

  1. It can absorb harmful gases (TVOC) by using high-efficiency catalytic activated carbon with high specific surface area.
  2. Deodorization efficiency can reach more than 95% 。
  3. Can be equipped with different types of activated carbon, such as coal charcoal, coconut shell charcoal and so on.
  4. Special activated carbon can be formulated,to improves the performance of removing some harmful gases, such as removing formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, etc.

Air Filter - Box Filter

Using glass fiber paper as filter material, offset paper or aluminum foil as separator board, glued with wooden frame or metal frame

Large filtration area, high temperature resistance

Air Filter - Hepa Filter

The material is made of ultra-fine glass fiber, PTFE membrane, glass fiber and PTFE membrane composite material, hot melt adhesive as separator, metal mesh and aluminum frame as outer frame.

The glass fiber material is resistant to high temperature and corrosion; the PTFE membrane has low resistance and low energy consumption; the glass fiber and PTFE membrane composite material has stable efficiency and large dust holding capacity.

Press release

Zhaohui Filter Technology


  • Filter media and metal mesh are tightly adhered to enhance
  • enhance the strength of the filter material, which effectively weakens the shaking of the filter material and avoids
  • Metal frame panel pre-filter are used as primary filters in air-conditioning system, mainly used to filter out the particles greater than 0.5 micrometers.

Carbon Honeycomb Filter

  • Media: Granular activated carbon
  • Remove VOC, Odors, Benzene, Toluene, Sulfur Dioxide etc.
  • Honeycomb design, Low energy consumption, Long service life
  • Application: Hospitals, Supermarket, Airports and other healthy commercial AHU systems.

Multi-pockets Pre-Filter

  • V shaped filter bag, filter material is utillzed 100% totally, leading to high filtration efficiency and dust holding capacity. The integration design of the frame enhanced the overall structural strength and minimized the pressure drop.

V-Bank Filter

  • V-bank filters are assembled by several pieces of mini-pleated packs to compose of V-types. The effective media area results in lower resistance, higher dust collection capacity and longer life span.
  • Application:V-bank filters are widely used in high volume airflow facilities. They are also used as secondary filters for facilities with HEPA/ULPA requirements.

Separator HEPA Filter

  • Ultra-fine glass fiber paper ,ensure the excellent filtration efficiency throughout its operation life.
  • Filters own high strength structure, low resistance and long working life.
  • Individual leakage text according to EN1822.
  • Non-header box, single-header or double-header boxes are available for flame.

Mini-Pleated HEPA Filter

  • The air flow, initial resistance and dust collection capacity of the Min-Pleated HEPA filters are much better than those specification of the conventional HEPA filter which is made with corrugate aluminum separators.
  • Min-Pleated HEPA filter is designed for extending filter,s life span and decreasing the pressure drop. Mini-Pleated HEPA filter is suitable for clean room, workstations and benches FFU use.