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The FILTECH Show covers all major industrial sectors concerend with filtration and separation technologies.

Africa Mining Brief

This is a quarterly magazine for the mining industry, incorporating quarrying, oil exploration and drilling; and other large scale extractive operations aimed at the discovery, extraction, storage, transport, sale and utilization of Africa's mineral wealth and resources.

The magazine aspires to be the preferred and authoritative resource for the mining sector in Africa by featuring pertinent and topical issues of interest to the industry. This includes technological innovations, new mineral finds and legislation; as well as the economic, environmental, and developmental impact of mining on Africa's economies. Given the forward and backward linkages of the mining sector, the entire supply chain of the industry, comprising suppliers and service providers constitute an integral part of the magazine's coverage.

Published in English

Asian Technical Textiles (ATT)

The Asian Technical Textiles (ATT) was started as a quarterly for nonwovens to cater to the ever growing needs of the Indian textile industry.

The ATT offers unrivalled comprehensive coverage of ever expanding uses in technology, engineering and applications of engineered polymer and fibre products from the vast consumer hygienic disposables and wipes markets to fields such as automotive, medical, sports, agriculture, industrial protection and filtration, geo-textiles, which have many uses for these high-performance materials. There has never been more exciting time in technical textiles and a lot of innovations are taking place. To cater to Indian and Asian emerging technical markets the ATT offers an opportunity to keep abreast of latest in technology and applications of fibres, nonwovens, technical textiles (woven/knitted/coated/laminated/bonded etc), composites and speciality textile chemicals/functional finishes.

Published in English

Asian Textile Journal (ATJ)

The Asian Textile Journal (ATJ) was started in 1992 as a monthly publication to cater to the ever growing needs of the Indian textile industry.

Technical textiles is now a major industry segment globally because of several advantages it offers like functional aspects, health and safety, cost effectiveness, durability, high strength etc. The ATJ published from Mumbai, the commercial hub of India - is read by textile company executives from around the world, and increasingly in Asia and the Far East, where manufacturers are eager for news of the latest in fibres, textile engineering and processing developments emerging primarily from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Spain, USA.

Published in English

Aufbereitungstechnik / Mineral Processing

The journal AT Mineral Processing has been informing its readership for more than fifty five years on developments and solutions to problems in mechanical process-engineering in the fields of minerals, coal, ores and secondary materials, such as construction or demolition (“C&D”) waste, and power-plant by products. The subjects covered include both technical, scientific and economic topics associated with the processing stages of comminution and agglomeration, screening and grading, sorting, dewatering and drying, materials handling, conveyance and storage, homogenization, blending and proportioning, sampling and quality monitoring. These are augmented by monthly spotlight features from the individual sectors, such as salt and potash, trends in coal preparation, and overviews focused on specific countries.

Published in English and German


avr - Allgemeiner Vliesstoff-Report (General Nonwoven Report), the oldest trade magazin that is available on subscription in two languages, has been recognized as an authoritative publication throughout the industry for decades now.Its purpose is to provide manufaturers, converters, processors and users of nonwovens, technical textiles and geotextiles with information about international developments in the nonwoven fabrics field.

avr - Allgemeiner Vliesstoffe-Report, die älteste abonnierte, zweisprachige Fachzeitschrift, gilt seit Jahrzehnten als anerkanntes Fachorgan in der Branche. Er dient Herstellern, Veredlern, Verarbeitern und Verwendern von Vliesstoffen, technischen textilien und Geotextilien zur Orientierung über die internationale Entwicklung im Vliesstoffebereich.

Published in German & English

Chemical Industry Digest

Chemical Industry Digest, is India’s leading chemical & engineering monthly journal, now into the 23rd year of publication, with a readership of over 4,50,000.

It is known for the quality and range of the technical information and content. Additionally, with directory like information of useful addresses in each issue, it has also become a sourcing journal. Chemical Industry Digest serves as an effective and result oriented platform for your advertising and promotion. Our advertisement rates are the most competitive in the industry. Also, our subscription rates for one year are US$ 100. Calibre Communications, a division of Chemical Industry Digest, conducts Workshops & Conferences on operations and functional areas of chemical industries.

Published in English

Chemical Fibers International

International technical publication in English-language for purchasing decision-makers and all areas of management in chemical fiber production facilities and their suppliers throughout the world. Published 4 times per year + Man-made Fiber Yearbook (once a year).

Englischsprachige internationale Fachzeitschrift für die Einkaufsentscheider und das gesamte Management in den Chemiefaserbetrieben sowie deren Zulieferanten weltweit. Erscheinungsweise: 4x jährlich + 1x pro Jahr das Man-made Fiber Yearbook.

Published in English


The European chemical industry produces 24 % of the world’s chemicals, employs 1.2 million works and contributes a whopping €449 billion to the EU’s economy.

With these impressive figures, it's clear that CHEManager Europe sits at the absolute heart of the industry. CHEManager Europe supplies top-level managers and executives with insightful interviews with leading industry decision makers; in-depth articles on the newest trends and developments; and the latest happenings on the market. Leading personalities from the areas of scientific research, business and politics turn to CHEManager Europe in order to express their views on all topics relevant in the field. With a circulation of 20,000, CHEManager Europe is the ideal marketing tool for products and services targeted towards the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. With our online portal,, readers can enjoy CHEManager Europe no matter where they are in the world.

Published in English

chemie & more

Langweilig war Prozesstechnik noch nie - jetzt gibt es das passende Magazin für diese spannende Branche: chemie&more vereint prominente Autoren, – aktuelle Themen und ein anspruchsvolles Layout .

Mit chemie&more erreicht die kreativen Köpfe in der Chemie, der Pharma- und Lebensmittelindustrie: die Entscheider, die in den Unternehmen neues Denken und neue Projekte verantworten. chemie&more ist das Magazin, das die Geräte- und Anlagenindustrie zu den Anwendern und Entscheidern bringt.

An exciting magazine for an exciting branch of industry: chemie&more is the magazine for the processing industry’s decision makers. Comprising the fields of the chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing industries, chemie&more presents up-to-date contents written by top-notch industry experts and researchers, in a fresh and exciting design. chemie&more is the magazine that links the supplying firms in machinery, components and services to the industry’s creative heads who decide about new projects and investments.

Published in German


CITplus is your point of reference for comprehensive application, reports, interviews and product conceptions from the areas of process engineering, measuring, automatic control as well as process automation.

CITplus reaches over 26.000 qualified high-level personnel, procedure and chemistry engineers, investors as well as technical designers and developers of plants. As official publication of ProcessNet, the joint organisation of the two professional associations and editorial collaborators VDI GVC and DECHEMA CITplus supplies to its readers the crucial and often exclusive background information for the daily business. The editorial range extends from pumps, compressors, separation technology, bulk material technology, software for processes, MSR and automatic control engineering.

Published in German

IDM International Dairy

IDM International Dairy Magazine is a bi-monthly English-language trade publication that provides readers with an actual overview on developments in the international dairy industry. The publication focuses on technology, automation & IT, packaging and ingredients and bases on thoroughly researched background information, analyses and reports.

Published in English

DMW – Die Milchwirtschaft

DMW – Die Milchwirtschaft ist mit einer Auflage von fast 4.000 Exemplaren die Informationsquelle für jeden, der mit Milchverarbeitung zu tun hat. Fundierte Berichte, Informationen, Marktanalysen und technische Neuheiten bilden den Fokus der DMW – Die Milchwirtschaft.

Die DMW bietet im zweiwöchigen Rhythmus ein aktuelles und viel beachtetes Umfeld für zielgerichtete Werbung. Durch die Übernahme der „Österreichischen Milch- und Lebensmittelwirtschaft“ und einem redaktionellen Teil der „Schweizer Milchwirtschaft“ haben Sie die Möglichkeit mit Ihrer Werbung in Deutschland und in den umliegenden deutschsprachigen Ländern noch mehr Fachleute direkt anzusprechen.

Published in German


The leading magazine for the entire drinks industry worldwide. Feature articles and short communications cover the whole spectrum of processing, bottling, filtration, raw materials, logistics, packaging and marketing of beverages. Also reporting on special topics of regional interest and trends in the beverage industries worldwide.

Published in English

European Dairy Magazine

The EUROPEAN DAIRY MAGAZINE provides essential coverage of the marketing and technical issues affecting management decisions in the milk and fluid foods processing industries. It was founded in 1989, is published six times a year and has a circulation of 6,500 copies.

EDM is the only trade journal to provide pan-European insight into the dairy processing industry' s markets, political and trading framework, current technologies and products. EDM is an English language publication, which also reaches the entire Eastern Europe dairy processing industry.

Published in English

FAPU European Polyurethane Journal

KP Verlag is a small independent publishing house. 13 years ago, the idea arose to publish the first German polyurethane magazine. We offer under the logo FAPU our magazine in following languages: German (Fachmagazin Polyurethanindustrie), English (European Polyurethane Journal) and Russian (Полиуретановый Бюллетень, newsletter) 6x/year. The internet presentation is available in three languages.

Fachmagazin für die Polyurethanindustrie
Der KP Verlag ist ein kleiner unabhängiger Fachverlag. Vor 13 Jahren entstand die Idee, das erste deutschsprachige Fachmagazin für Polyurethane (FAPU) zu publizieren. Mittlerweile erscheint unter dem Logo FAPU die Zeitschrift in Deutsch (Fachmagazin Polyurethanindustrie), Englisch (European Polyurethane Journal) und Russisch (Полиуретановый Бюллетень, Newsletter) 6x/Jahr. Unser Internetangebot ist dreisprachig.

ФАПУ Презентация
«Специализированный журнал для полиуретановой промышленности» (сокращенно ФАПУ) выпускается издательством KP Verlag . Это маленькое независимое издательство специализированной литературы, посвященной исключительно одной теме: ПОЛИУРЕТАН. В настоящее время с логотипом ФАПУ выходит журнал на немецком языке ( Fachmagazin für die Polyurethanindustrie ), на английском языке ( European Polyurethane Journal ) и русском языке (Полиуретановый Бюллетень). Информация в интернете также на трех языках.

Published in English, German and Russian

International Filtration News

For 29 years International Filtration News has been the leading publication reporting on the Filtration industry. Published six times a year beginning each January / February. The journal is mailed free only to those qualified individuals directly engaged in production, research and development, sales, marketing and purchasing in the Filtration industry. International Filtration News serves corporate executives and site managers, scientists, engineers and technical personnel worldwide.

Published in English

F&S Filtrieren & Separieren

Fachzeitschrift mit praxisbezogener Berichterstattung über das gesamte Spektrum der Filtration und Separation. Neuentwicklungen von Verfahren, Geräten, Apparaturen und Prozessketten werden vorgestellt und erfolgreiche Anwendungen durchleuchtet.

Published in German and English


Launched back in 1963, Filtration+Separation magazine has long been established as the essential information tool for end users worldwide. Filtration + Separation is at the forefront of technological advances, market movements, trends & breaking industry news. It is read by end users who need to source information on products and services worldwide. Our unique partnership with all the main industry players enables us to provide our readers with up-to-the-minute news on all aspects of the filtration and separation industry. Sign up for Filtration+Separation magazine or renew your subscription to ensure you don't miss an issue.

Published in English


FuturENVIRO is a new concept in technical publications, highly focused on the reader and advertiser with an innovative, vibrant design providing up to date information, a unique bilingual Spanish/English format and a highly effective international distribution.

FuturENVIRO is a new concept in technical publications, highly focused on the reader and advertiser with an innovative, vibrant design providing up to date information, a unique bilingual Spanish/English format and a highly effective international distribution. Dealing with all environmental topics from waste and water management, Pollution control, contaminated soils to smart cities and CSR issues as well as including technical plant reports of great interest, FuturENVIRO publishes 10 issues per year, 5 dedicated exclusively to Water management and 5 to waste, both printed and online. Read, download and print FREE our digital version from

Published in English & Spanish

Getränke Technologie & Marketing

Mit fundierten Hintergrundberichten, Analysen und Reportagen sowie Kommentaren bietet die Fachzeitschrift Getränke! Technologie & Marketing einen umfassenden Überblick über aktuelle Entwicklungen der industriellen Getränkeherstellung (für den deutschsprachigen Raum). Im Fokus stehen dabei die Bereiche Prozess- und Verfahrenstechnik, Automatisierung, Ingredienzien, Verpackung, Abfülltechnologie, Logistik, Software und IT.

Published in German

GWF Wasser/Abwasser

gwf-Wasser|Abwasser ist die führende technisch-wissenschaftliche Fachzeitschrift für Wassergüte- und Wassermengenwirtschaft, hydrogeologische Grundlagen der Wasserbewirtschaftung, Wassergewinnung, -speicherung oder -verteilung sowie Abwassersammlung, oder -ableitung. Berichtet wird zudem über die Verfahrenstechnik der Wasseraufbereitung, Abwasserreinigung und Schlammbehandlung, über analytische, messtechnische und regeltechnische Entwicklungen, über Hygiene und Mikrobiologie und Betriebserfahrungen, über gemeinsame Anliegen des Gewässerschutzes aus der Sicht der Wassernutzung und der Abwasserbeseitigung sowie über Rechtsfragen und ökonomische Belange.

The leading specialist journal for water and wastewater - published in German - is the journal for technology and science of water production, water supply, pollution control, water purification and sewage engineering. Main part comprising scientific papers and contributions lectured by experts, journal part containing industrial and practical information plus news regarding subject laws and rules.

Published in German

Meio Filtrante

Meio Filtrante is an informative and technical publication supported by a website, with information about industrial filtration markets, automotive, residential, fluid treatment, gasses and so on. Our mission is to provide knowledge by offering content from Brazil and outside thereby narrowing the gap between companies and contributing to the growth of the market.

Meio Filtrante is the ideal vehicle to advertise your product to industries, suppliers, distributors, representatives, import and export, and consultants by getting in the hands of professionals from Supply, Process, Development, Production, Laboratories and Engeneering. As a reference in the printed media sector.

Published in Portugese


molkerei-industrie bietet mit fundierten Hintergrundberichten, Analysen und Reportagen sowie Kommentaren einen umfassenden und kompletten Überblick über die aktuellen Entwicklungen der industriellen Milchverarbeitung.

Im Fokus stehen dabei neben den aktuellen Marktentwicklungen die Bereiche Prozesstechnik, Automation, Ingredients, Verpackung, Abfülltechnologie, Logistik und IT . Ergänzt wird die Printausgabe durch einen täglich aktualisierten Internet -Newsletter für Abonnenten mit aktuellen Informationen, die speziell für die Milchindustrie, Rohstoffbroker und den Handel aufbereitet sind.

Published in German

Nonwoven Technical Textiles Technology

Nonwoven Technology, which has been published for 13 years, informs the textile industrialists about the developments and variations in the market.Nonwoven Technology, being published by a specialist staff having informational background and experience, owns one of the most extensive archives on world textile industry.

Nonwoven Technology not only makes companies aware of latest news and technological developments but also enable them to keep in touch with each other. Nonwoven Technology, having a wide concept from cotton to fiber-yarn, from weaving-knitting to dyeing-printing-finishing, has several sections such as; actual news, events, fiber-yarn, weaving-knitting, dyeing-printing-finishing and includes detailed technical information and academic articles on those subjects.

Published in English and Turkish

Technical Textiles

Technische Textilien

Technical Textiles / Technische Textilien

International bilingual technical publication (german/english) for decision makers in the management and purchasing departments of manufactures and their suppliers;as well as end-users of industrial textiles.

Zweisprachige (deutsch/englisch) internationale Zeitschrift für die Einkaufsentscheider und das gesamte Management der Hersteller (einschließlich Zulieferanten) und Anwender technischer Textilien.

Published in English and German

Technical Textile & Nonwoven Excellence

Technical Textile & Nonwoven Excellence

Technical Textile & Nonwoven Excellence is a quarterly magazine on the technical textile and nonwoven sector. Backed by a team of textile professionals, the publication ensures accurate information on the sector thereby assisting decision makers to take "Informed Decisions."

Published in English

TechTex India

TechTex India, the BCH quarterly newsline, is a recognized source for the coverage of the Technical Textile, Nonwoven and Composite industry in India & overseas. With a focused circulation, it serves the entire value chain of this industry.

TechTex India also introduces itself as the official media partner of this industry. Besides providing information for both emerging as well as developed markets, it provides a visibility platform to stakeholders of this industry. The editorial coverage of TechTex India covers pertinent news and data related to technical textiles, nonwovens & composites. It includes canvas snapshots, special features, focused articles, new launches and innovations, events & exhibitons, R&D news, interviews, guest editorials and industry news with technical and market data. Good information is the foundation of any industry and with the advent of globalization; it has become a necessity to exchange information not only within continents but also within industries which are interlinked. Thus, the BCH newsline offers an 'all-inclusive' editorial content which provides worthy information for all.

Published in English

Tekstil Teknoloji

Tekstil Teknoloji, which has been published for 13 years, informs the textile industrialists about the developments and variations in the market. Tekstil Teknoloji, being published by a specialist staff having informational background and experience, owns one of the most extensive archives on world textile industry.

Tekstil Teknoloji not only makes companies aware of latest news and technological developments but also enable them to keep in touch with each other. Tekstil Teknoloji, having a wide concept from cotton to fiber-yarn, from weaving-knitting to dyeing-printing-finishing, has several sections such as; actual news, events, fiber-yarn, weaving-knitting, dyeing-printing-finishing and includes detailed technical information and academic articles on those subjects. .

Published in Turkish and English



Starting a new period in publishing, Textilegence is available once in every 2 months . Being online on mobile(IOS and Android support) enables us to acquire intense and strong interaction with industry players.

Textilegence uses unlimited data flow given by digital platfrom enriched by journalism morals which enables us to carry one step further from the hardcopy circulation numbers. Online platform is not only a leg for textile magazine but works as an instantanly updated textile news center for the global textile industry. Textilegence ensures its readers to reach decision makers through online,hardcopy, mobile and e-magazine platforms.

Published in English


VERFAHRENSTECHNIK ist das Allround-Magazin für Verfahrensingenieure in der Chemie- und Petrochemie-Industrie, in der Pharmabranche und in der Nahrungs- und Genussmittelindustrie.

VERFAHRENSTECHNIK informiert über Anlagen, Komponenten und Systeme zur technischen Durchführung der Stoffumwandlung. Maschinen, Apparate und Anlagen stehen ebenso im Fokus wie spezielle Mess- und Automatisierungstechnik. Förder- und Lagertechnik sowie Sicherheits- und Umwelttechnik runden das Spektrum ab.

VERFAHRENSTECHNIK is the all-round magazine for process engineers in the chemical and petrochemical industry, in the pharmaceutical as well as the food and beverage industries. VERFAHRENSTECHNIK provides information on equipment, components and systems for technical implementation of material conversion. Machinery, apparatus and equipment for material conversion are also the focus as well as special measurement and automation technology; handling and storage equipment; safety and environmental technology round up the spectrum.

Published in German

wlb Wasser Luft Boden

Water, Air, Soil - Magazine for environmental technology WLB "Wasser, Luft und Boden" (Water, Air and Soil) has accompanied developments in environmental protection and environmental engineering in Germany as a specialist journal for more than 50 years.

Therefore WLB has the vaste experience of all trade magazines in the environmental field. It is essentially read by management personnel responsible for environmental protection in the production and manufacturing sector, environmental authorities at the national, state, regional and municipal level, and by engineering and consultancy companies.

Published in German


For the last eighty years ZKG INTERNATIONAL has been the leading technical journal on the international scene covering the entire binder industry and its ancillary suppliers of plant and mechanical equipment.

The journal contains reports about the fundamental physical and chemical principles relating to cement, lime and gypsum binders, about the methods for producing and processing them, the thermal and mechanical processes and about production control and quality monitoring. Particular emphasis is given to those developments which serve to rationalize production, lower energy consumption, raise quality and improve environmental protection.

Published in German and English