At FILTECH 2018 we will be showing innovative complete testing solutions that will secure your technical leadership in the future.

Filter Test System ALF 114 (acc. to ISO 16890-FDIS, EN779:2012) with rotatable duct sections and universal filter holder system for effective air filter testing.

Manual HEPA/ULPA Filter Scanning Test SystemAFS 152 (acc. EN1822-4/5) for determination of HEPA and ULPA air filter quality in terms of manufacturer production control.

HEPA Filter Element Quality Control Test System AFC132 QC HEPA (acc. EN 1822-4) for production control and efficiency testing of small HEPA Filter elements.

We are pleased to welcome you at our booth H9 at the FILTECH 2018 Exhibition and look forward to interesting discussions and hands on.

Printed on 2018-10-20