Sandler sawascreen® enAIRsave® - Depth filter properties and energy efficiency

In light of increasing particulate matter and other air pollution, efficient filter media are in higher demand than ever. Efficiency and dust holding capacity are no longer the most important properties. The energy efficiency during operation of the filter plant gains importance and influences testing standards. Filter media are expected to contribute to low energy consumption.

Sandler’s new synthetic filter medium enAIRsave® combines performance and reduced energy consumption. Three filter layers provide optimum dust separation – not just in the fine fibre layer, but across the entire width of the medium. The particles are primarily deposited in the coarse meltblown layer as well as the pre-filter layer. This way, air can still flow through the filter at a relatively low pressure and, consequently, at a reduced energy consumption.

Pocket filters made from sawascreen® enAIRsave® are self-supporting even when loaded with dust. The pockets do not sag when the air stream is cut off.

Printed on 2018-10-19