The world of filtration | FILTECH inside – The big special from avr Nonwovens & Tecnical Textiles and apr Aktuelle Papier-Rundschau FILTECH inside is the result of a magazine collaboration between avr Allgemeiner Vliesstoff-Report and apr Aktuelle Papier-Rundschau. This FILTECH 2018 special presents all processes, methods, materials and applications relevant for the production of papers, nonwovens and technical textiles, as well as all filtration applications in which these materials are being used (see our leaflet). FILTECH inside is published with a market overview in which your information and products should be included.It will be a regular part of avr and apr and it will also be available as a special (2,000 copies) at FILTECH.

Product Index

Market Scope

Printed on 2018-12-16