Ceramic membranes for micro-filtration and ultrafiltration

atech innovations gmbh, based in Gladbeck, has been active since 1989 in the distribution and, since 1992, also in the development and production of high-quality ceramic membranes for a wide variety of industrial applications in the chemical, biotechnological, food and beverages industries and in the waste water treatment/ recycling industry.

atech's range of products includes membranes in various geometries and channel diameters as weil as pressure vessels used to arrange the membranes in modules. In addition,the qualified statt and the technical facilities of atech are available for services such as filtering tests or tests on a pilot installation.

Depending on the requirements of each particular application, atech offers a wide range of different membrane geometries : single-channel and multi-channel membranes with various channel diameters suitable for ultrafiltration (starting at 1 kD) and microfiltration (up to 1.2 µm). For applications involving highly abrasive media atech has developed Duratech®, a ceramic membrane made of titanium oxide. Thanks to an innovative coating process the abrasion resistance of this membrane exceeds even that of the already very rugged standard membrane.

Stainless steel modules including ceramic tubular membranes.
Ceramic membranes in different designs
SEM photo, showing the different layer structure of Ceramic UF membrane

Printed on 2019-05-19