Fluid-Fluid Porometer

IFTS research programs on membranes and long experience in designing and manufacturing test equipment have led to the successful development of the Fluid-Fluid porometer.

The equipment embarks both liquid-liquid and gas-liquid Displacement technologies. It is a fine-art solution for porous media and membrane characterization in terms of pore size distribution, from micron-rated material to nano-filtration products.


IFTS have world-recognized knowledge and know-how in Fuel-Water Separation (FWS) efficiency testing on fuel filters and FWS test bench design and manufacturing.

IFTS is a historical participant to the ISO Working Group which has developped the ISO 16332 on FWS testing. IFTS have developed a user-friendly and accuracy-proven solution to replace the traditional perforated plates droplet generator called out in the ISO 16332 : EDGE, Electro-diaphragm Droplet Generator. EDGE is a computer driven actuator which self-adjusts the calibrated orifice diameter transforming the stream of water in the fuel flow into water droplets of a pre-determined size. Demo of both products is available on our booth.

Printed on 2019-05-19