CRP INT. Manufactures an Exclusive filter media named “CR Filter Resine" that is highly effective for both Air and Water treatment. We solve your problems when it comes down to bad odours in the Air and is highly effective in takeling ammonia gases. For Water treatment, we have the answer to get the perfect nitrate, nitrite and phosphate balance by tackling problems such as algae. Our Filter Resine is unique and when compared to Activated Carbon, it's 20x more effective in the absorption of Ammonia gases.

CRP INT. supplies global customers with a complete in-house production line for manufacturing tailor made filter bags/sachets so that they can be implemented in the big variety of filter systems and pumps available.

CRP INT. is the only manufacturer of the ‘CR Filter Resine’ The company's filter media is produced at our own factory in Belgium.

If you have AMMONIA problems and are mainly using Activated Carbon in your filter systems then do visit our stand at FILTECH 2018 and we will be happy to show you what we have to offer and to make your filter systems/filter pumps stand out in the industry.

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Printed on 2019-02-22