World First Fully Automatic Filter Bag Production

FILTECH 2018 will see the public release of the latest customer focused solution that has been developed by Job Group, ACG Kinna and Juki. All three companies have come together to push the production in this sector forward through automation. Job Group with their industry expertise had the concept of a fully automated filter bag line, the likes which is not available at the moment. With this idea a frame work and workable concept was developed by ACG Kinna, Juki and Job Group together.

As we truly believe this will be the next big innovation in Filter production we are unable to share the specifics of this automat just yet. Over the coming weeks leading up to FILTECH 2018 we will release details pertaining to the machine but to see it in operation you will need to visit us at Filtech (Stand: G2). You know Juki but you might not know our partners in this project, so below you can get a feel for the companies involved and how the concept will come together.

About Job Group

Job Group is one of the few textile companies that keeps the entire production chain in-house - from the fiber to the finished product. All their expertise and infrastructure is concentrated under one roof in Kinna, Sweden. This places them in the middle of their customers, which include processing, manufacturing and mechanical engineering companies worldwide.

All ways the height of production quality, Job Group is known internationally for its remarkable working practices and hunger to be ahead of the industry in terms of innovation. It’s work on this automatic solution was and is invaluable.

About ACG Kinna Automatic

ACG Kinna Automatic is one of the world’s most experienced manufacturers of textile machinery. Founded in 1977 in Sweden, Europe has been a stronghold for several decades but today the company is offering its services on a global market. Design and manufacturing are still carried out in Sweden, using the built up know-how of generations of skilled and passionate engineers and craftsmen. Quality has always been a matter of pride and a signature attribute of ACG Kinna Automatic. They are the company taking the Juki technology and the Job Group expertise and combing them into an automatic solution never seen before.

Printed on 2019-05-21