BOKELA HiBar Filtration

HiBar Filtration is the most modern technology for continuous pressure filtration and offers new solutions for filtration, washing and dewatering of fine grained suspensions.

HiBar Filtration uses a drum or disc filter which is installed in a pressure vessel what ensures high process flexibility and easy maintenance. Working pressures range up to pabs = 7 bar.

The patented HiBar Steam Pressure Filtration uses steam for demoisturing, washing and drying of the filter cake leading to very low cake moistures. Thus, downstream thermal drying may be replaced.

HiBar plants are available with horizontal pressure vessels for large units and as Oyster Filter with vertically opening vessel for smaller filter units.

The compact BOKELA HiBar Oyster Filter is made for challenging applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry.

Hi-Bar Oyster Filters ensure high specific throughputs, best washing and demoisturing results, reliable and flexible operation. Oyster drum filters with single-cell design ensure an unmatched fast re-clothing.

The hermetically closed system enables fast and easy access by fully automatic opening of the pressure vessel (like an oyster) which provides for short downtimes.

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Printed on 2019-05-20