Dynamic Membrane Filtration:

The BOKELA DYNO Filter is a dynamic crossflow filter for ultra- and microfiltration which enables thickening of suspensions to an unmatched high concentration and simultaneous washing. It is applied for suspensions in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, for filtration of fine minerals, organic and inorganic pigments etc.

Dynamic Sieve Filtration:

As dynamic sieve filter the DYNO-Filter enables continuous removal of low concentrated, disturbing coarse grain from viscous suspensions like in the production of polymeric foams.

Dynamic Precoat Filtration:

Dynamic precoat filtration which is the latest process innovation with the BOKELA DYNO Filter. This new process combines cake forming filtration and crossflow filtration and is applied to completely recover solids from a suspension and to produce a particle-free filtrate. Dynamic precoat filtration offers process solutions for difficult separation tasks e.g. with hot suspensions, suspensions containing solvents and/or fine particles where state-of-the-art technologies like membrane filters or centrifuges fail.

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Printed on 2019-05-19