ZGTEK, the only one in the world developed “Automatic snap band riveting machine”, the only one in China professional manufacture “Filter cage welding machine line” & “Hi-quality automatic steel wire ring making and welding integrated machine”.
ZGTEK, is a partly state-owned enterprise, located in Jiaxing city (nearby Shanghai), Zhejiang, China. The automatic snap band riveting machine is the first of its kind in the world, completely automatized filter bag’s snap strip feeding, cutting, rolling and riveting.
The filter cage welding machine is already of the 6th generation, which can weld top collar, cage body and bottom cap on the same machine, with all the advanced features such as bad weld detection, auto reweld, weld galvanized wire directly (no breaking zinc layer), ring space adjustable on touch screen, expandable welding electrodes, etc.

The ring making machines are of the 3rd generation with automatic size changing, customizable welding parameters for different ring materials (SS, GI, MS wire), high speed, high-precision, etc.

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Filter cage welding lines

Ring making machines

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Printed on 2020-01-22