Hangzhou Tanvi Filtering Equipment has more than 10 years of expertise in the research, development and production of filters. We offer technically advanced top-quality filters to micro-electronics pharmaceutical, beverage, food, water treatment, fine chemical industries for a wide range of separation processes.

Tanvi’s Products include as following:

  1. PP/PES/PTFE/PVDF/Nylon/Fiberglass/ACF pleated filter cartridges.
  2. Capsule filters
  3. Sanitary filter housings, bag filters, corrosion resistance filters
  4. Stainless steel filter cartridges and titanium filter cartridges
  5. Vent filter heater jackets
  6. Small filtration system.

In addition to our existing standard products, OEM service can be provided by us, all the filters can be customized. We can also provide filtration solutions for clients.

For filter cartridges: We can manufacture them in ISO class 8 clean room. Every piece filter cartridge is hot melt welding and ultrasonic welding and rinsed by high pure water. We provide clients with validation services: Integrity test, chemical compatibility test, absorption test, bacterial challenge test and extractable test.

Excellent quality, reasonable prices ,faster delivery time, best services that are what Hangzhou Tanvi Filtering Equipment can offer to customers.

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Printed on 2020-01-22