Visa Info

INTERCULTURAL CONSULTING is appointed by the organizer to help foreign FILTECH 2015 participants who need a visa by issuing official invitations, and assisting with visa applications

Please note that a handling fee must be charged for visa invitation services. The application forms will be available shortly. Please read the visa info carefully because it contains important information.


Both the invitation process and the handling of the visa applications at the embassies and consulates take time. However, invitations for fair visits should not be older than 2 months. We therefore recommend you to contact us at the latest about 6 to 8 weeks before your travel date.

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Contact Details

Dr. Gregor Meder
Fischlaker Str 2-4
45239 Essen - Germany

For what period may I be invited?

Only invitations for the duration of the fair + 1-2 days for arriving and departing and for stand construction and dismantling may be issued. Invitations where the period exceeds the duration of the fair may only be issued in exceptional cases. In these cases, a detailed itinerary with the dates of entering and leaving the country and the stops during your visit to Germany is required.