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Dillinger Fabrik – Kompetenz in Lochblech

Die Dillinger Fabrik gelochter Bleche ist seit Jahrzehnten einer der marktführenden Lochblechhersteller in Europa. Auf modernsten Maschinen bietet die DF ein Fertigungsprogramm, das sowohl von der Fertigungstiefe als auch von der Breite des Produktprogrammes keine Wünsche offen lässt.


  • Lochbleche und Weiterverarbeitung von Lochblechen
  • Bauteile und Komponentenaus Lochblechen
  • Beratung, Engineering und Konstruktion
  • Oberflächenbehandlung

Dillinger Fabrik – Your competent partner for perforated metal

For decades, Dillinger Fabrik has been one of Europe's leading manufacturers of perforated metal. DF's state-of-the-art equipment allows for a very complex, broad and diversified product range, leaving nothing to be desired.

Core Competencies:

  • Perforated plates and sheets
  • Components from perforated metal
  • Consulting, engineering und construction
  • Surface treatment

Products / Markets

Product Index

  • Destillation
  • Perforierte Metalle
  • Röhrenfilter
  • Scheibenfilter
  • Streckmetal
  • Trommelfilter

Market Scope

  • Abfallwirtschaft
  • Abwasserwirtschaft
  • Agrarwirtschaft
  • Automobilindustrie
  • Chemische Industrie
  • Filtrations- und Separationsindustrie
  • Metallverarbeitende Industrie
  • Petrochemische Industrie
  • Umweltschutz
  • Zellstoff-, Papierindustrie

Product Index

  • Disc Filters
  • Distillation
  • Drum Filters
  • Expanded Metal
  • Perforated Metals
  • Tube Filters

Market Scope

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive Industry
  • Chemical Industries
  • Environmental Protection
  • Filtration and Separation Industry
  • Metal Processing Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Pulp, Paper Industry
  • Waste Treatment
  • Waste Water Treatment

Product Index

  • 盘式过滤器
  • 穿孔金属板
  • 管式过滤器
  • 蒸馏
  • 金属网
  • 鼓式过滤器

Market Scope

  •  农业
  •  汽车工业
  • 化学工业
  • 废水处理
  • 废物处理
  • 环境保护
  • 石化工业
  • 纸浆、造纸工业
  • 过滤与分离工业
  • 金属加工业

Product Index

  • تقطير
  • فلاتر اسطوانية
  • فلاتر انبوبية
  • فلاتر قرصية
  • معادن التمدد
  • معادن مثقبة

Market Scope

  • الصناعة البتروكيماوية
  • الصناعة الكيماوية
  • الصناعة الورقية
  • الهندسة المعمارية
  • صناعات الفلترة وفصل المواد
  • صناعة الألبان
  • صناعة السيارات
  • صناعة معالجة المعادن
  • معالجة النفايات
  • معالجة مياه الصرف

Product Index

  • Distillation
  • Filtres à disques
  • Filtres à tambours
  • Filtres à tubes
  • Métal expansé
  • Métaux perforés

Market Scope

  • Agriculture
  • Industrie automobile
  • Industrie chimique
  • Industrie de filtration et de séparation
  • Industrie de la pâte de cellulose et du papier
  • Industrie laitière
  • Industrie métallurgique
  • Industrie pétrochimique
  • Traitement des déchets
  • Traitement des eaux usées

Product Index

  • Distillazione
  • Filtri a disco
  • Filtri a tamburo
  • Filtri per tubi
  • Metalli perforati
  • Metallo espanso

Market Scope

  • Agricoltura
  • Protezione ambientale
  • Settore automobilistico
  • Settore chimico
  • Settore filtrazione e separazione
  • Settore industria dell carta e della cellulosa
  • Settore lavorazione metallo
  • Settore petrolchimico
  • Trattamento acque reflue
  • Trattamento rifiuti

Product Index

  • Destylacja
  • Filtry bębnowe
  • Filtry rurowe
  • Filtry tarczowe
  • Metal ekspandowany
  • Perforowane płyty metalowe

Market Scope

  • Filtrowanie i separacja
  • Obróbka metali
  • Ochrona środowiska
  • Oczyszczanie ścieków
  • Oczyszczanie ścieków (waste water)
  • Przemysł celulozowo-papierniczy
  • Przemysł chemiczny
  • Przemysł petrochemiczny
  • Przemysł samochodowy
  • Rolnictwo

Product Index

  • Destilação
  • Filtros de discos
  • Filtros de tambor
  • Filtros de tubos
  • Metais perfurados
  • Metal expandido

Market Scope

  • Agricultura
  • Indústria automóvel
  • Indústria de filtragem e separação
  • Indústria de processamento de metal
  • Indústria leiteira
  • Indústria petroquímica
  • Indústrias químicas
  • Pasta, indústria do papel
  • Tratamento de desperdícios
  • Tratamento de água de despejo

Product Index

  • Барабанные фильтры
  • Дисковые фильтры
  • Дистилляция
  • Металлическая сетка
  • Перфорированные металлы
  • Трубные фильтры

Market Scope

  • Автомобильная промышленность
  • Бумажная промышленность
  • Металлообрабатывающая промышленность
  • Молочная промышленность
  • Нефтехимическая промышленность
  • Отрасль фильтрации и сепарирования
  • Очистка сточных вод
  • Переработка отходов
  • Сельское хозяйство
  • Химическая промышленность

Product Index

  • Destilación
  • Filtros de disco
  • Filtros de tambor
  • Filtros de tubo
  • Metal expandido
  • Metales perforados

Market Scope

  • Agricultura
  • Industria de la automoción
  • Industria de la filtración y la separación
  • Industria de la pasta de madera, el papel
  • Industria de los productos lácteos
  • Industria de procesamiento de metales
  • Industria petroquímica
  • Industrias químicas
  • Tratamiento de aguas residuales
  • Tratamiento del agua

Product Index

  • Damıtma Destilasyon
  • Delikli Metaller
  • Disk Filtreler
  • Genleştirilmiş Metal
  • Tambur Filtreler
  • Tüp Filtreler

Market Scope

  • Atık Arıtma
  • Atıksu Arıtma
  • Filtrasyon ve Ayırma Endüstrisi
  • Kimya Endüstrisi
  • Metal İşleme Endüstrisi
  • Otomotiv Endüstrisi
  • Petrokimya Endüstrisi
  • Selüloz, Kağıt Endüstrisi
  • Tarım
  • Çevre Koruma

Product Index

  • 드럼 필터
  • 디스크 필터
  • 익스팬디드메탈
  • 증류
  • 타공판
  • 튜브 필터

Market Scope

  • 금속 가공 산업
  • 농업
  • 석유화학 산업
  • 여과 및 분리 산업
  • 자동차 산업
  • 제지, 종이 산업
  • 폐기물 처리
  • 폐수 처리
  • 화학 산업
  • 환경 보호

Product Index

  • エキスパンドメタル
  • チューブフィルター
  • ディスクフィルター
  • ドラムフィルター
  • 穴あきメタル
  • 蒸留

Market Scope

  • パルプ、製紙業界
  • 化学工業
  • 廃棄物処理
  • 汚水処理
  • 濾過および分離技術工業
  • 環境保護
  • 石油化学工業
  • 自動車産業
  • 農業
  • 金属加工業界

What's new



As one of the leading manufacturers of perforated metal in Europe, our large production depth allows us to offer you a wide and unique range of products.

  • facade of perforated sheets
  • railings
  • filters
  • perforated filters tubes and supports for filter elements
  • washing machine drums for industrial applications
  • industrial washing baskets
  • screening and sorting drums
  • and much more: click here to find examples of applications.

With our modern machinery we are able to fulfil almost every customer-specific task.

The complete production of perforated plates from a single source gives our customers the advantage of making the best possible use of existing synergy potentials.

A short film will give you an insight into our world of perforated plates.

Innovation begins with an idea.

The idea of combining functionality with unlimited possibilities.

State-of-the-art production facilities and optimised internal and external logistics guarantee a fast and careful implementation of your ideas.

On request, we are happy to advise our customers, with our experienced, multilingual team of engineers, right from the planning phase.


In addition to the production of flat perforated plates, the further processing of perforated plates into more complex, ready-to-install assemblies and vendor parts has become a focal point of activity in our company in recent years.

Our possibilities in the area of further processing include:

  • Straightening, drawing
  • Cutting, Edging, Laser
  • Bending, rounding, joining, welding, clinching, etc.

Price and delivery time play a decisive role alongside quality. DF meets these requirements by offering the possibility to keep custom-made products in our warehouse and to deliver on time on call.

In this way, DF customers benefit at the same time from the cost advantages of higher production lot sizes as well as the delivery time advantages of parts held in stock - quality just in time.


In addition to this comprehensive range of services, we also have an extensive stock range with over 300 items of perforated plates...

...in the material types:

  • Steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium

...and with the perforations:

  • Round holes offset
  • Round perforation straight standing
  • Square perforation straight
  • Hexagonal perforatio

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