We are pleased to present, for the first time, the Innovation Forum Stop Microplastics Pollution!

What exactly is microplastic? Why are these tiny plastic particles now found in every corner of the world? What possibilities are there to detect microplastics? How can the entry of microplastics into the environment be reduced or even stopped?

Answers to these questions are the focal point of the Innovation Forum.



Originally planned with significantly more interaction, the Innovation Forum was redesigned. In its current form, it includes an exhibition showing how plastics become the environmental problem of microplastics as well as a Solutions Wall featuring possibilities to detect and remove microplastics.

We warmly invite

• all exhibitors and visitors, who have solutions for the detection and removal of microplastics to pin a flyer with their offer to the Solutions Wall.

• all those looking for a solution to a microplastics challenge or would like to understand more about the challenges we all face around microplastics to visit the Innovation Forum.

• all of you visiting the Innovation Forum to start solution-oriented and constructive conversations on how to stop microplastics pollution.

The Innovation Forum Stop Microplastics Pollution! is curated by German non-profit Greentech company Wasser 3.0 together with many helping hands. As a Sustainability Entrepreneur Wasser 3.0 operates in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals for waters without microplastics and micropollutants. Along research and technology innovation, Wasser 3.0 works in educational and awareness raising initiatives on microplastics.

Do you have any questions? Please contact Dr. Katrin Schuhen via filtech_at_wasserdreinull.de