Stand Building Information

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Stands must be advised to the Organizer for approval until 1. September 2019.

Please send stand layout drawing to


Saturday, October 19 – 7am – 9pm
Sunday, October 20 – 7am – 9pm
Monday, October 21 – 7am – 11pm

Individual Stand Building only! Max height for stand construction: 4,5 m

If an extended build-up time (e.g. overnight) is needed please contact Jens-C. Chittka at

No Build-Up on Friday October 18, 2019


Thursday, October 24 – 5pm – 11pm
Friday, October 25 – 8am – 11pm

It is forbidden to clear the stand partly or completely before the end of the exhibition at 5:00 pm. This applies to personnel, products, decoration and stand construction. In the event of contravention, the organizer will charge the exhibitor concerned a fine of EUR 800 for failing to comply with regulations/provisions and reserves the right not to admit the exhibitor to the next exhibition. Any equipment left in the hall on Friday, October 25, 2019 after 11:00 pm will be disposed of and invoiced to the exhibitor.


Exhibits/stand decoration items can be delivered from Monday October 21, 2019 from 7am to 7 pm.

Deliveries after 6 pm must be advised to Jens-C. Chittka at

If a forwarding company delivers exhibits/items, make sure the stand is manned at the delivery time scheduled as a signature will be needed. The organizer cannot accept any deliveries on behalf of exhibitors. If you are not able to avoid advanced delivery, please contact the official forwarding company Cretschmar.


All stand builders require a personalized build-up pass to enter the KoelnMesse exhibition ground!
Build-Up & Dismantling Passes must be worn all time at the KoelnMesse fair ground and will be controlled at the gates and in the hall. For persons with an exhibitor pass and additional built-up pass is not necessary.
Build-up/dismantling passes for stand builders can be downloaded 6 weeks prior to the show in the Exhibitor Service Area by the Exhibitor.

Persons without a built-up pass or exhibitor pass have no access to the fair ground.


Cretschmar MesseCargo GmbH (Germany) is the sole appointed on-site haulage-, lifting-, storage- and customs-clearance-agent for FILTECH 2019.

Cretschmar MesseCargo GmbH
Contact: Ms. Annett Kreutzmann –
Phone: +49 (0)341 52 04 30-13
Sommerfelder Strasse 73 – 04316 Leipzig – Germany

Order Form
Handling Tariff
Shipping Instructions


All truck deliveries must be pre-parked at P22 and will be let in on call


For all technical orders – such as electricity, water, suspensions, waste disposal, etc. – please contact your client for the Log-In data for the Exhibitor Online Portal of KoelnMesse


Floor Surface: Synthetic stone floor
Floor Load Capacity: 11.1 ‐ 20 kN / sq m (2 to/qm)
Floor Load Capacity: 11.2 ‐ 20 kN / sq m (2 to/qm)

Maximum height for stand construction ‐ 4.5 m – including suspensions!

For further details please also see the KoelnMesse Technical Regulations.


Stand Builders are committed to clear the space after the Build-Up and Dismantling – all waste and material left behind will be disposed by the venue and charged to the stand builder company. It is forbidden to store the waste in or behind the booth and outside the exhibition hall

Please apply for Waste Disposal at the KoelnMesse Online Portal in advance


The hall plan with all necessary information for stand builders is available in the exhibitor service area. Please contact your client for the Log In Data.

Exhibitor Service Area

For any questions concerning the above, contact Jens-C. Chittka: /+49 (0)2132 935760