Visitor Registration

Your FILTECH 2022 Visitor Registration includes:

Access to the Exhibition
Free Copy of the Exhibition Catalogue & Hall Plans
Free print-at-home Public Transport Ticket for Cologne

Registration until 4 February 2022

1-Day Ticket: 20,00 €
2-Day Ticket: 25,00 €
3-Day Ticket: 30,00 €

Registration from 5 February 2022

1-Day Ticket: 40,00 €
2-Day Ticket: 45,00 €
3-Day Ticket: 50,00 €

All FILTECH 2022 attendees must provide proof that they are not infected with the corona virus SARS-CoV-2 in order to participate in the event.

The following options are available for this purpose. Please bring them with you for admission to the event:

- a proof of vaccination
- a proof of recovery
- a test certificate (PCR Test) not older than 36 hours