3AC is an abbreviation of Activated Carbon, Air Cleaner, Aqua Cleaner.

3AC is striving to be the No. 1 global environmental company of the environment business field, focussing on pure air, clean water, and pleasant environment.

We here at 3AC possess rich knowledge and experiences for air filter business and water filter business, and have a wide array of partners and B2B systems ranging from catalyst research to filter characteristic assessment, application, and production. We promise that our company will make a great leap to grow as a global company based on such aspects.

Also, in order to develop new materials and make technological innovation related to environment, 3AC signed business agreements leading global makers of activated carbon, for conducting new researches and academic-industrial consortium business, striving to develop new materials. And we have relationships with many partners and suppliers for catalyst research, characteristic evaluation, practical application and production.

3AC produces high quality products through development of such new technologies.

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Printed on 2020-07-02