TENAX designs and produces mono and bi-planar nets, rigid tubes and cores for filtration cartridges.

Products are used in different fields such as air, industrial fluids and water filtration, pharmacy, food industry and other.

TENAX offers technological solutions, customized services and tests in certified laboratories.

PLEATING SUPPORTS: Nets designed for lamination, coating and mechanical pleating for filtration industry components, particularly for cabin filter elements.

RIGID MESH TUBES: Used as inner support (core) or outer protection of cartridges for air, water and industrial fluids-filtration

DRAINING SPACERS FOR MEMBRANE: A range of products used in the filtration cartridges for reverse osmosis.

TUBULAR AND FLAT NETTINGS: Designed for outer protection, also for big filtration cartridges which can replace metal.

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Printed on 2020-07-02