A modern and dynamic producer of polypropylene fabrics and yarns.

Extraordinary technological skills and knowledge as well as productive possibilities, enable us to satisfy highest quality requirements, what has kept us among the top producers. Located in the heart of Europe STRADOM S.A. has more than 134 years of experience which makes us a reliable long-term partner and supplier. We are able to fulfil our Customers’ needs for required yarn properties, spools make-up and other personalized demands.

What we offer is special yarn properties, quality, environmental and food contact certifications and undeniable top quality.

What we are is a solid, experienced and open-minded team who is always there for you.

What we do is worldwide supply of material for various industrial and technical applications.


STRADOM is devoted to the sector of filtration and technical yarns with constant urge to develop and improve. With thoroughly evaluated investments we expand our current range of products, focusing on key factors: development, technology, flexibility and willingness to guarantee the customer’s requirements, including tailor-made products.

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Printed on 2019-02-22