SIFA Technology is the only company worldwide that provides systems to filter manufacturers. Each component interacts with each other, creating added value to each individual part.

Microglass fiber filter material, synthetic, pocket, polyurethane, gasket, frame of each material, hot melt and filter housing.

Representative offices and warehouses in Germany, USA, China and India. Sales in 45 countries, both in air and hydraulic filtration business.

Filtering materials cover the entire range of filtration market demands. In addition, the ability to produce internally the raw materials to be used, enables the production of materials with high efficiency, against low pressure drop, allowing energy savings and the achievement of the related certifications.

SIFA owns some patents, and operates under the strictest international standards in every field of its business. SIFA Technology and Natec brands, related at all the filtering materials, are registered worldwide.

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Printed on 2020-07-05