Dongguan Retop Filter Material Co.,Ltd is one of the largest automotive filter non-woven manufacturer in China, with a plant of over 26,000 square meters and 13 multi functional production lines-needle punched, spraying, impregnation, ultrasonic combination and melt-blow.

Retop annually outputs 22 million square meters filter media and is selected by many famous worldwide filter brands.

The main kinds of our products:

Air Filter Media:

- Impregnating non-woven:for automotive engine,compressor and all kinds of Engineering machinery for PP or PU injection;
- Heat melt filter media;

Cabin Filter Media:

- Electrostatic function:for automotive and household air cleaning.It can strongly and effectively adsorb dust.
- Electrostatic&Antibacterial function:Not only have high-efficiency Filtration performance, but also the effect of antibacterial, sterilization.
- Electrostatic&Deodorizing function:for automotive and household.Activated carbon can strongly absorb harmful gases;

Pocket (HVAC) Filter Media:for air purification system, with G, F and H grade.

Industrial Filter Media: for industrial hydraulic system filter and dust collector.

Fuel Filter Media

for combustion engine fuel system,effectively isolates the water particles from the fuel to improve fuel combustion and meet new emission standard.

Oil Filter Media

HEPA Filter Media

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Printed on 2019-04-18