The company name PACO stands for a group of companies that are among the world market leaders for high-precision metal wire cloth products and solutions. As a family company PACO stands for staff and customer loyality.

As a leader for quality and innovation in a number of specialized areas of filtering, separating and screening as well as state-of-the-art screen printing, PACO stands for effective solutions and a high level of cost efficiency. This has helped PACO to establish itself over more than 60 years of its existance as a globally recognized brand – as a synonym for success for the benefit of its markets, customers and final users.

PACO Filter Products and Systems

The filtration of fluids and solids is an important step in a number of different industrial processes. That is why PACO filter products can be found in a number of industrial environments around the world. A particular reason for this is that they provide a single source solution:

PACO filter products are developed by PACO’s own R&D – often in close co-operation with the customer – made of PACO wire cloth using PACO production technology according to PACO quality standards and supplied through PACO’s distribution network. By assuming complete responsibility throughout the development and production life cycles of their filter products and systems, PACO makes sure that filtering reliability and fail-safety will always provide their customers with fundamental competitive advantages.

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Printed on 2020-07-16