Mytrex was established in 1990 as a manufacturer of microfiber media wth specially designed meltblown process and our products got ISO9001:2008 approval in 2010 and gained excellent reputation in our main market of filtration and thermal insulation domestically and internationally.

There are 4 meltblown production lines and we devote ourselves to providing products including TPU Meltblown, Coolant Filter, Cabin Air Filter Media, Mask & Respirator Filter Media, HVAC Ready-Pleated Filter Pad, Disposable Liquid Cartridge Filter, Liquid & Dust Collecting Filter Bag, HVAC(ASHARE52.2), Pockets Filter Media, Micozy Thermal Insulation for Apparel Filling, HEPA Filter Media for Air Cleaner and Vacuum Cleaner.

The recognition and commendation of customers on our products are always our ultimate goals. we will do our best to ensure the high standard of our professional services and the high quality of our products presenting to every consumer. We will keep every consumer to be able to obtain our quality products under the most favorable price. Please let our company, Mytrex Health Technologies, Inc., create better business opportunities with you.

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Printed on 2020-07-04