Low-Emission foam gaskets for sealing air filters

The polyurethane foam seal systems Fermapor® K31 from Sonderhoff are used for the sealing of air filters in cars which ensure a leak-free seat of the filter on the air intake passage. No unfiltered air past the filter can flow into the car interior. In order to significantly reduce the load on the air with VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions in the passenger compartment, the polyurethane foam seal systems Fermapor® Low-Emission are used for the tight sealing of filter housings in the car. They comply with the strict limit requirements of nearly all automobile manufacturers. Sonderhoff, for instance, fulfils the Daimler specification DBL 5452-13 which specifies for VOC emissions a target value of 100 micrograms and 250 micrograms for the fogging behaviour per gram of polyurethane. Too much VOC in the air often arises fogging. Soot, dust and / or aerosol particles in the air thereby move from warm to colder zones where they are deposited. This can lead to condensation on the windshield or inside of car headlights.

Another product characteristic of the polyurethane-based sealing systems Fermapor® 31are the antimicrobial sealing properties that prevent microorganisms and molds contaminating the sealings of air filters used for air conditioning systems.

Printed on 2018-09-25