We specialize in manufacturing, processing and selling spunbond polyester filter material for couple of years.

Our productions: Filter material and Filters

Filter Material:

Meeko and Toray(Japan) R&D staff developed MEEKO-TM Series filter material. We do some special after-treatment on Toray’s basic material(G2260-1S) to make it has different functions.

Such as: PTFE membrane(by hot-lamination, reach HEPA grade), HO material, Antistatic material(Alu-coating, high molecular, black carbon coating), Flame retardant material(used in the environment with spark).


Our filters are used in air purifier, vacuum cleaner, ventilation system (For household and commercial use), automotive air conditioning and industrial environment. Customizing the filters include every customer’s special requirements. Our technical persons have rich experience on filter, we will provide the most professional technology support with you!

About us:

Suzhou Meeko Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd. is located in Suzhou. We are the unique agent of Japan Toray’s AXTAR Series material. We specialize in manufacturing, processing and selling the filter and filter material for couple of years. Meeko has self own export and import rights. And our customer from all over the world, especially in Europe, North America, South America and Asia.

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Printed on 2019-06-18