Math2Market develops the simulation software GeoDict that helps understanding how existing filters work and designing filter media and pleated elements.

GeoDict models filter elements and filter media starting from 3D image data of filter media (µCT, FIB/SEM), CAD models of filter elements, or user-defined media parameters. Models (nonwoven, woven, ceramic, foams, cellulose, glass- and steel-fiber, metal wire mesh, membranes, honeycomb...) are geometrically analyzed and filtration properties simulated in many fluids (air, oil, water, fuel, blood...). GeoDict characterizes pore size distribution, maximum through pore, fluid flow, particle movement and deposition, MPPS, clogging, and cake formation. GeoDict calculates pressure drop, filter efficiency, and filter capacity.

With GeoDict®,

• resolve complex filtration issues
• interactively modify the models to optimize the filtration process
• reduce prototyping to cut time and R&D cost
• substantially accelerate the design and production of innovative filters and media

Math2Market’s GeoDict is the leader in simulation for filter and filter media design.

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Printed on 2020-07-12